John 00 Fleming & COT pres. J00F Editions Vol. 4 Release Party

Event Details:


- July 14, 2018 (Sat.)

- 10:00 p.m.

- 2,500 yen (DOOR) / 2,000 yen (ADVANCE)



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International Act:


John 00 Fleming (UK / J00F Recordings) [Exclusive 3-Hour J00F Editions Set!!!]


Spotlight DJs:


Conures (DJ Tokunaga, One & Only) [Exclusive "イントロダクション オブ 和製ハウス Vol. 6" Album Preview!!!]



2-Hour "In Search of Sunrise" (ISOS) Set:


O-ZI (Landscape, Anjuna World Wide)

Neco (Landscape, Anjuna World Wide)

masa8 (Mystic)


Lineup (alphabetical order):


AJ (Ligaya, COT)

Beppu (U)


ODORIKO (Digital Om Productions, Luca Label)



Sinister Dexter

Strada (CC*=Style)

Takayuki Tominaga (UN!TE, kosendj-bu)

Tamami (GA)

Tsutrax (ALFA-CROSS, Trancetimes)

UC (5 Invitations, in a Broad Sense)




M.U.//Mikudarihan Uppercut




Spatial Design:


Madoka Kamiyama


Live Painting:


Yu Okita


Raver Accessories:


"Mineral Roots" by Hana Euphilosophy




Knock Out Suns


Drag Queen:




Birthday Boys & Girls:


AJ Lim

Hiro van Oda

Misae Hall


Sarah Janczak

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- BBC Radio 1


- Daily Telegraph(1885年創刊)


アンダーグラウンドなプログレッシヴ・トランス、サイケデリック・トランス・シーンにおいて最も高い人気を誇るDJの一人であるUKのレジェンド「John 00 Fleming」(ジョン・ダブルオー・フレミング)。

Ministry of Soundが運営するThe GalleryやZouk、ageHaのような世界各地の名だたるクラブから時にコアなファンのみが集う中・小規模のクラブやパーティーまで。時にOZORAやDreamstate、Earth Coreといったトランス・シーンにおける最大級フェスのヘッドライナーの一人として。更にはEDCやCreamfields、Tommorowlandまで。J00Fは時と場所を超え、地球規模でフロアを揺らし続けて来た。

20年近い歴史をもつ自身のレーベルJ00Fグループの総帥として数多くのヒット作と新たな才能を世に送り出し、近年ではゴアやサイケデリックトランスの原点回帰ともいえる最新のオリジナルアルバム "Alter Ego"やJ00FのディープなグルーヴとSolarstoneの幻想的なメロディが融合した合作"Hemispheres"が大ヒット。

また、自身が監修・ミックスしているJOOF Editionsシリーズはテクノ、プログレッシブ・ハウスからプログレッシブ・トランス~サイケデリック・トランス、更にチルアウトに至るまで。彼が紡ぎあげる数時間に及ぶ物語を忠実にコンパイルしており、2017年に発売されたVolume 3、そして今春リリースのVolume 4は共にBEATPORTのアルバム・リリース部門の総合チャートで見事に1位を獲得。トランスDJとして快挙といえる異例のセールスを見せつけた。

"A national treasure of trance music."

- BBC Radio 1 (Essential mix)

"One of the Pioneers of the electronic dance music scene."

- The Daily Telegraph Newspaper (est. 1885)

2017 saw this DJ hypnotize a packed ageHa arena with an intense closing set followed by a blistering encore performance at Nagomix the following day—clocking in at over three hours long! Now, the living legend is slated to return once more for a milestone performance celebrating the release of his latest compilation. From the UK, we welcome back the man, the myth... John 00 Fleming!

His signature sound takes all the best in underground progressive trance / psychedelic trance, and has elevated him to the forefront of even the mainstream scene—no small feat for any artist. He has toured the full gamut of clubs across the world, both big and small, from the Ministry of Sound's the Gallery, to Zouk, ageHa, and beyond. He has taken to the mega-stages of trance festivals everywhere, headlining at Dreamstate, Earth Core, and even the legendary cultural force OZORA. Indeed, J00F is now a presence that transcends all manner of locations. The whole world is his floor.

He is also the mastermind behind J00F, a label with 20 years of history, hit tracks, and prodigies. Recent times have seen his latest artist album, "Alter Ego," which revisits goa and psy trance at its very roots, garner a massive seismic reaction. His collab with Solarstone, "Hemispheres," has likewise received rave reviews—propelling John's popularity to even greater global heights.

The J00F Editions compilation series, curated and mixed by John himself, explores a veritable bevy of cutting grooves ranging from techno to prog, chillout, house, and psy trance. These sonic journeys are hours long in length, weaved with precision, and tell a profound story like no other. Both volumes 3 (released in 2017) and 4 (released this spring), proclaimed their superiority from the incontestable #1 position for Beatport album releases—an incredible, near mythical feat for a trance DJ.

Experience the journey with us on July 14th...

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